Drum Lessons at Creative Drums

Playing the drums has a lot to offer everyone.

You may want to learn to play along to your favourite songs on the drums?
or to take a Graded Exams route from the
Trinity College or Rockschool Syllabus?*

Whatever your Drumming Goals, I’d love to help you get there.

My teaching comes from ‘real world’ experience, and as a full time working musician with 25 years of experience at a high level, I’ve learned a lot about the requirements needed today to be a professional musician.

I encourage my students to explore the wide range of subject areas in the fantastic World of Drumming.

In addition to the fundamentals of drumming, my students are introduced to the studies of Great Drum Educators such as Jim Blackley, Jim Chapin, Gary Chafee, George Lawrence Stone and many others.

Drum Lessons. Areas of study include:

Drumming Basics
The importance of Good Technique and Posture
Reading Music Notation
Drum Rudiments
Beats & Grooves
How to Practice Efficiently
Keeping Time
Hand and Foot Coordination
Musical styles: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Pop and World Music and beyond
Song Structures
Application of Rudiments on the Drumset
Drumset Creativity
Playing to Click and Backing tracks
The importance of Good Musicianship
Odd Meters
Linear Playing
Chart Reading
Studio and Electronics
Advanced Concepts
Motivation and Goal Setting

*The Trinity College & Rockschool Syllabuses are great, popular options for students who would like to follow a steady, graded exam approach.They cover Rock, Pop, Classical and Jazz.

1 Hour Lesson £28

30 Minute Lesson £18

07961 232857